Hear what past students had to say!


"I have recertified for CPR about 10 times in my career & this was by far the best recertification!"

Gwen Gosson

"Awesome course! Great instructor! I'm coming back!"

Devan Coward

"This is one of the first times I've left the class feeling completely confident with what I learned"

Tina Halasz

"Really appreciated the assessment of the class's ability & the adjustment of the material accordingly".

Sarah Mills

Health Care Professional CPR

"I thought this was the most informative first-aid/CPR course I have ever taken. The instructor made it so realistic, I feel that I could leave & confidently save someone"

Nancy Parkinson


"The instructor was great!! She kept the class active & involved encouraged questions & was very enthusiastic. She seemed to be having fun teaching which is essential for a class to be motivated to learn"

Friso Wassenaar

"I loved how hands-on this course was. I was expecting to be taught right out of the book, so it was a pleasant surprise"

Jackie Buchholz

"The course was clear, well organized & interesting. The instructor was able & willing to fluidly answer questions & welcomed class participation. Props & scenarios were excellent, interesting & reflected very well potential mishaps"

Virginia Beswick

Standard First Aid

"This has got to be the most relaxed first-aid course I've taken. The hands on helped me learn. The knowledge of the instructor & the way he presented the information helped me retain the information"

Delia Girard

"Best first-aid course in Victoria, by far. Loved the hands-on experience & using actual supplies. I feel very prepared for emergency situations"

Rachel Neufeld