All Courses Are Now Offered by Alert First-Aid

Courses can be scheduled at different sites around Vancouver Island or at your location. They can be conducted at your location and customized to suit your timings and needs.

Group rates are available.

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OFA Level 1 First-Aid - Victoria BC

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This OFA Level 1 first-Aid course is program for employees looking for a quality one day first aid course that meets the requirements for WorkSafeBC. It is occupationally oriented and applies the same priorities of care and approach used by professionals where a primary assessment, CPR, choking and other important skills are integrated.

Standard First Aid & CPR Level C - Victoria BC

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This Red Cross First Aid course meets the requirements for those who study in the health sciences (i.e. Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, Resident Care Attendant, Etc.) It is a fun, engaging first aid course with an emphasis on hands-on learning. Encompassing everything from minor injuries to life-threatening situations, it holds recognition from WorkSafeBC as equivalent to Occupational First Aid Level 1. Cultivate confidence and muscle memory through realitic practice, ensuring you are well-equipped to lead in emergent scenarios.

Standard First Aid Level C Recertification - Victoria BC

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If you hold a current and valid Standard First Aid certificate, you are eligible to take this shorter, faster-paced Standard First Aid recertification course. If your certificate expires before the course date you will need to sign up for the full course.

Please be prepared to show proof of certification.

Emergency Childcare First Aid - Victoria BC



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 This course is a fun, basic one-day course designed especially for those working as caregivers (parents, grandparents, daycare workers, etc.). The First Aid skills taught are similar to our other basic courses, but will be taught through realistic child care scenarios and spend extra time on common childhood injuries, as well as how to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. It meets all the requirements for First Aid and CPR training in a daycare setting and is recognized by the Provincial Child Care Licensing Board of British Columbia. 


CPR C Recert -Victoria BC

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This course is a great hands on interactive CPR refresher. Course take only 3 hours. Majority of time is spent doing hands on CPR. There is no written exam for this course


BLS CPR - Victoria BC

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This course is designed for Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, and Allied Healthcare Providers – RT, OT, PT.

It includes all levels of CPR, choking interventions, artificial respiration, pulse checks and use of a Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM)

Marine Basic First Aid Course Victoria BC

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This Canadian Red Cross Marine Basic First Aid course is ideal for employees in the marine and fishing industries in British Columbia.

It meets Transport Canada Training Program Standards in Marine First Aid (TP 13008E) as well as federal and provincial regulations for Standard First Aid and CPR.

Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C

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This course is a hands-on, one-day basic First-Aid course that covers lifesaving First-Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills. You will learn how to react and respont to life-threatening emergencies including choking, life-threatening bleeding, heart attacks and strokes. his course is also recognized by WorkSafeBC  as equivalient to their Occupational First Aid Level 1 program, and will certify you to be a designated Level 1 First-Aid attendant. 


Adult Caregiver First-Aid- Victoria BC

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This program is designed for Adult Care professionals working in care facilities or home support. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Health and provides two certifications on successful completion: Emergency First-Aid  and A level CPR with AED. 

WCB Transport Endorsement - Victoria BC

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This first aid program the WorkSafe BC Occupational Transport Endorsement Course. Material covered in this 8 hour program is designed for First Aid attendants providing care at worksites that are more than 20 minutes from a hospital, or as required by WorkSafe BC.

Red Cross 02 Administration - Victoria BC

This program will provide the skills and knowledge needed to safely and effectively administer emergency oxygen to a patient.

Core material will include:

  • recognizing situations when oxygen should be used
  • applying the most effective method of administering the oxygen to breathing and non-breathing patients
  • understand the hazards and safety precautions associated when working with oxygen

This program can also be conducted in conjunction with other First Aid or CPR Course.


First Aid & CPR Instructor Transfer Course

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Get your Red Cross First-aid instructors certificate in one weekend. This is a transfer course for those who have a first-aid instructor certificate from the Lifesaving Society or St.John Ambulance. Also those who have a current Canadian Red Cross WSI instructor certificate or other relevant teaching or first-aid experience. Please email or call to find out if you qualify for this course.


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This refresher course is for people that hold a current certification for CPR Level 'B' and 'C'. This course covers all age groups.

Emphasis is also placed on personal protection including using pocket masks for rescue breathing.

This program is also offered in conjunction with the Standard First Aid Renewal Course .